Smart Sensor Division

KORENS Global, Smart Sensor Division executes sensing elements (acoustic sensor, low and high pressure sensor) R&D and MEMS sensor packaging facilities and now we offering optical sensor for smartphone, bio-medical analyzer and automotive ambient light sensor. And, recently we have developed bio-medical application detection module using our own technologies.

Optical Sensor & Application filelds

KORENS Global optical sensor series offers a wide range of optical sensors solutions including ambient light, RGB color, proximity and UV index sensing for a broad range of application including:

Optical Energy

Electrical Energy

Optical Sensor(APS) APS, ALS (ambient light sensor) & PS (proximity sensor) is a transducer which convert from Optical energy to Electrical energy
  • Mobile / Computing – Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop
  • Automotive
  • Bio-Medical Diagnostic devices
  • Health / Fitness Products

DKI-APS series provides an I2C interface and the ALS has linear response over the entire lux range and high sensitivity in low light conditions and under dark glass. KORENS Global offers fully integrated package of Ambient light and proximity sensor (APS) and LED or LD in one package, and provides engineers the flexibility to choose the LED or LD separately with choice of APS.