Hello! This is Kyung Jin Cho, the CEO of KORENS Global

All employees of KORENS Global and I extend our greetings to our valued customers. Under the mission of improving the quality of human life, all members of KORENS Global gather to create a top-notch global brand in innovative, challenging, energetic and open organizational culture.

The global environment in a new era of convergence requires the convergence of IT, Bio and nanotechnology and creative challenge. We could succeed in commercializing the real-time cell metabolism analyzer based on our long-term research for a new paradigm solution in basic research area of life science, and we continue to make our best efforts to develop into a global life science company by contributing to the diagnosis and treatment field.

Furthermore, we integrated sensor business to meet various requirements from IT convergence and biosensor. We have the capability of core sensor devices such as optical / acoustic sensors and IoT modules which are the core of smart devices and will proactively respond to the new industrial revolution.

KORENS Global will continue to place top priority on the value of our customers with creative and challenging attitude through the synergy created by these business sectors, and we will make our constant efforts to realize our vision of “the technology-based company contributing to improve human life”.

Thank you.